New AMI Instructor: Julie Schreiner – Violin/Viola

Julie is a trained Suzuki teacher who has taught both Suzuki lessons and traditional lessons to beginner through advanced students. She has a B.M. and an M.M. in Viola Performance and has taught at the Merit School of Music, Lake County Music, and privately.

Teaching Statement

My mission, as a teacher, is to use violin and viola to teach life skills that encourage my students to be successful and confident. To that end, I teach my students how to break down large tasks into smaller parts to help them achieve any goal. I encourage my students to be inquisitive learners, such that they learn to become their own teacher, while still giving them the proper building blocks to be successful students.

I believe that good technique is the foundation of playing, but that learning technique should be fun and rewarding. I use lesson time equally to teach technique, musicianship, note reading, and, with more advanced players, technical exercises, solo repertoire, chamber repertoire and orchestral repertoire.

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