Support AMI

At American Music Institute (AMI), our mission is to serve as a gateway for anyone who wishes to be engaged in music through high-quality and accessible private music lessons, group music lessons, our Saturday conservatory program and our summer camp, regardless of age, ability, or financial means.

AMI’s ability to sustain its mission of providing high-quality, accessible and relevant music education to the Chicago community depends on you, our community of supporters.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in underwriting the future of our exciting programs and the individuals they serve. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and welcome.







AMI is seeking sponsors to help with the cost of extending its programs to low-income communities. We hope you will join in extending the experience of music to all kids in the Chicago area. The programs currently needing sponsors are:

  • Group & Individual Music Lessons
  • AMI Mini Campus (music in schools)
  • AMI Conservatory Program
  • AMI Summer Music Camp

For more information on supporting AMI, please speak with AMI’s Director, Remus Badea at (630) 850-8505, or send him an email at