AMI Music Lesson Programs

AMI’s music lesson programs are at the core of the music education that AMI offers in the Chicago area and suburbs. All of AMI’s faculty members are highly degreed musical performers and educators – study with AMI’s Award Winning Faculty today! The core instruments studied are piano, violin, guitar, and voice, plus all of the string, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments. We have three kinds of music lessons: group lessons, private lessons on campus, and private lessons in the home.

Private Lesson

Private lessons are conducted in either half hour, forty-five minute or one-hour increments. All instruction is given by AMI teachers who are college educated and have years of playing and teaching experience.

Private lessons are a great way to develop your musical skills, or to begin learning a  new instrument. Our guiding philosophy at the American Music Institute is to provide students with a comprehensive and rewarding musical education that is both productive and fun. Our teachers are trained to create a curriculum specific to each student individually. Private lessons offer the most concentrated and effective use of a student’s time and money.

Lessons are available for a variety of instruments – violin, piano, guitar, trumpet, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, voice, percussion – just to name a few! Private lessons can take place either in-home or at AMI’s Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove,  or St. Charles Campuses.

Online Lessons

Online lessons provides the best of AMI anywhere in the world. This program is affordable and is geared for the busy student. Contact AMI for more information about how you sign-up for online lessons with one of AMI’s distinguished faculty members.

Tuition for this program is the same as for in-school lessons at AMI and you can also couple this program with the Package Lesson Program, where you can buy a package of lessons to be used in the allotted time.

Home Lessons

The Home Lesson Program is the perfect solution for busy families or students that live beyond driving distance to an AMI school location. Unlike other ‘companies’ that provide at-home music lessons, AMI has personal interviews with faculty (versus over-the-phone interviews) and direct communication throughout the month with all of the teachers that come to your home. Most teachers that teach in Home Lesson Program are also on faculty at an AMI school, and have regular teaching days at an AMI school campus location. Additionally, AMI conducts background checks and educational references on all faculty members.


In-School vs. In-Home Lessons

The decision between attending an AMI school as a student and having a home lesson is entirely one of personal preference. Although attending an AMI school may lead to a more focused learning environment, many families find that having a teacher come to their home to conduct lessons allows for students to fit the lesson in their schedule better.

AMI’s Commitment

As a non-profit organization, AMI is committed to keeping education and the art of music number one throughout all of our programming – including the Home Lesson Program. Students receive either a ½-hr, 45-minute, or 1-hr weekly or bi-weekly lesson with a private instructor and register monthly through automatic bill-pay via your credit or debit card.

Why AMI for Home Lessons?

As a community driven non-profit music school, American Music Institute is an excellent choice when deciding where to find an in-home lesson teacher. Unlike many other in-home lesson services or businesses, AMI is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing our students the highest quality music education and serving all sectors of the community. When you choose AMI, you will know that your tuition money goes towards helping the community through our many Outreach Programs – from providing free music programs to low-income public schools, to providing free music concerts to the senior and developmentally delayed population and everything in between. We believe in fostering well-being and growth of our local communities, and your enrollment in any AMI program will help us continue to do so.

When choosing AMI for in-home lessons you can be rest-assured that you or your child will receive the same quality instruction as our in-school students. All AMI faculty members have full background checks conducted by AMI administration. Additionally, you will always be able to call or come into a school if needed – unlike many in-home lesson services, where you must place a call to an out-of-state call center! You always have the option on enrolling at an AMI school location for lessons or classes in the future, and all in-home lesson students receive the same opportunities as in-school students including participation in recitals, master classes, educational seminars, group classes and more.



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