Natalie Crowne - Brass - Piano - GuitarNatalie Crowne – Brass – Piano – Guitar

Natalie Crowne received her Bachelors of Music in Trumpet Performance from Northern Illinois University, where she studied a wide variety of musical repertoire ranging from jazz, classical, marching, and exploring the recording/songwriting and production world. Ms. Crowne has studied under Pharez Whitted, Christopher Scanlon and Mark Ponzo, Aaron Romm, Chris Colletti and Ronald Romm. 

Ms. Crowne is a recipient of the Outsanding Trumpeter’s Warburton Mouthpiece award on behalf of Professor Romm. She recently released her first singles on Music streaming platforms, under “Nat  Crowne” and will continue to create songs within the rock, folk, funk, experimental and classical atmosphere. 

Ms Crowne has studied guitar under Ben Crino. Her passion is to create an enriching, inspiring and high quality musical experience for all music lovers.