Music For Life Program

School Music LessonsThe Music for Life Program is geared towards providing public schools with music programs & access to music education. This Program will aim at creating after-school music programs for area public schools that currently do not have a music department, band, or orchestra. Teachers from AMI will conduct classes in each school involved in the program once a week. These classes will be both instrument-related instruction, as well as a general music class that will be open to any student interested in music, regardless of if they play an instrument. The general music classes will teach children basic music theory, history, appreciation, and will involve learning to play the recorder.

All materials will be provided by AMI for the general music classes including providing low-income students with low-cost or no-cost instrument rental in order to best support the musical and educational growth of students of financial need. We at AMI believe in opening the doors of music to all children, and foresee this program expanding in the future to open even more doors. To become a financial sponsor of Music For Life, or to register your public school in our program, please contact us, and help us keep music alive in all public schools. Additionally, the Music for Life Program provides full and partial scholarships for students of financial need to study at the AMI schools in the private lesson or group class.

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