What Are the Top Ten Classical Works That Everyone Should Know?

Nowadays, most people are so focused on listening to contemporary popular music to the point that they forget about classical music. Many people have not even heard the great classical pieces. This is a shame, as it is not called classical music for nothing. These works have stood the test of time. Their value has been already proven. If you are a music enthusiast, then you might have already heard the term: music appreciation. It is the process of learning what to listen for and how to understand what you are hearing in different types of music.

Top 10 must know classical works:

Bach has been one of the most popular composers in the history. You might have even heard his name mentioned by your music teacher. This piece has harmonies that are truly inventive. It provides a different feeling spiritually that makes us feel more peaceful. It was created for an unaccompanied cello and that makes it different from other classical pieces. It has a pattern that just flows smoothly.

Some people might say that this piece is boring but it has so many things to offer. Creating chamber music is not easy for each instrument plays a big role in making the entire piece a success. This amazing piece from Brahms offers a great tune that can get you off your seat.

This piece is just perfect as it is. It doesn’t even require any accompaniment. It offers a dramatic tune; when you hear it, you will remember certain moments in their life. The tune is meditative has a solemn feeling. This song is already very popular. If you still haven’t heard it, now the time to take interest in it.

This concerto is a favorite of musicians competing in musical competitions. Although there are tons of concertos out there, this is one that everyone should know about. It is tuneful, and at the same time, lush. It provides the soloists with opportunities to showcase their skills in playing, especially their finger work. This song is just so powerful and great. Moreover, the second movement has a beautiful slow theme.

This is popular Canadian classical music composed of set of solo piano pieces. Although the music is considered to be complex, it does not sound like that to the ear. It is pleasant to hear and has a playful melody.

Antonio Vivaldi wrote some great pieces in the Baroque period fitted for each season. It consists of programmatic movements showing different themes and representing scenes through every sound created. As you listen to it closely, you would be able to visualize different scenes representing each of the four seasons. It is just truly amazing. It will definitely help you realize the importance of music appreciation.

This symphony has a different style from the works of Vivaldi. It has a magical feel that will surely make you remember your childhood, the time when you were filled with hopes and dreams. It will also help you recall the life in the countryside with green grass, farm and fields.

This is one of the most popular works by Georges Bizet that even those who give little importance to music appreciation know about. It is full of remarkable memories as it was also used in operas. The music is just so brilliant and it is also one of the greatest pieces for theatre too. The music sounds so beautiful from start to finish although the ending of the famous opera is a tragedy.

Have you ever watched the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”? If you have, then you might know this piece. As it is so fun to hear, it is probably also fun to play. A novel having the same name became its inspiration. The piece has pauses and sections, in which Strauss has name for them from specific chapters of the book. Therefore, if you truly wanted to understand it, then you could consider reading the novel. One word that could explain this piece is the word EPIC, which is what all music should be.

Music appreciation is very important for one to be able to appreciate the theme of this piece, which is modern American life. This 30-minute music for ballet is performed using 13 instruments. Not only does it provide an image of wheat fields but also that of a modern city. The entire piece is divided into 8 sections in which each includes scenes depicting different feelings and emotions including passion and wonder. The music shifts from very slow to fast to moderate to quite fast to still faster to very slowly to calm and then moderate again.

Music appreciation can focus on music from anywhere in the world. In the U.S., music appreciation often focuses on classical music and jazz. It offers the enthusiast a historical context to explain why people of a certain era liked the music that they did. We recommend you dive in listen to as much different music as possible. Start with the pieces listed here and follow your ear to the music attracts you. And while we do think there is much to appreciate in classical music, jazz, rock, popular, and world music have much to offer a listener too.


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