AMI Policies

Attendance – Private Lessons

Students are allowed 1 Excused Absence every 2 months, with a week or more notice, geared towards vacations or planned leaves. A makeup is guaranteed by AMI for the Excused Absence. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled make-up for the Excused Absence, the student then revokes the make-up. If a student is sick or cannot make a schedule lesson without a week or more notice, it is at teachers discretion to reward the student with a makeup, if the teacher can accommodate. In the event of a teacher absence and a substitute is provided, the subbed scheduled lesson counts as the student’s lesson. If a student/parent declines to attend a subbed lesson, the student forfeits that lesson and does not receive a make-up lesson in its place from the permanent teacher, and also does not receive a credit on their AMI account for the missed lesson. I understand that if I suspend lessons for any reason, but wish to continue lessons at a later date, AMI administration must be informed, resulting in suspension of account until returning, this does not guarantee same day/time/instructor. No make ups for cancellations within 24hrs prior to lesson.

Attendance – Group Classes & Package Lessons

There are no make-up’s or reimbursements for missed group classes, package lessons, and summer music camp missed days.

In-Home Lesson Policy

No in-home lesson can take place unless a parent or guardian is present.


Private Lesson (in-school or online)
1/2hr – $50 // 45min – $75 // 1hr – $100

Private Lessons (in-home – 5mi radius of campus)
1/2hr – $55 // 45min – $82.50 // 1hr – $110

College & Harp Faculty Lessons (in-school)
1hr – $150 or specific rate per college faculty member

Friends & Family (in-school only)
2 Stud (per stud) – 1/2hr – $40 // 3 Stud (per stud) – 1/2hr – $35 // 4 Stud (per stud) – 1/2hr – $30

Group Classes – Ask for specific class rates

Registration Fee – Per Student: $50

Tuition Payments

The initial tuition payment contains the following… 1st month pro-rated, plus next full month and registration fee (per student). Every tuition payment there on will be processed on the first week of every month for the following months tuition, until I withdraw from American Music Institute. I agree that in the event my credit card becomes invalid, I will provide American Music Institute with a new valid credit card upon request, to be charged for the payment of any outstanding balances owed to American Music Institute for services rendered including future monthly payments as outline by this agreement. If credit card is not updated and tuition paid up to 14 days after due date, a late fee of 5% will be automatically added. I understand that tuition is subject to be increased to offset inflation and operational costs, which AMI will announced by email. I understand that tuition payments are nonrefundable.

Change in Lessons

I understand that if I wish to change a monthly billing fee to reflect new or discontinued AMI services that I must inform AMI administration, and those changes will reflect on my monthly billing moving forward.

Student Recital / Studio Class

Participation in AMI Studio Class incurs a fee of $15 per student, which is applied to tuition prior to the studio class. There are two AMI Student Recitals held annually, in December and June. The AMI Recital fee is $95 per student for the school year (August to July) and is applied to tuition upon registration or at the start of the academic year (August tuition or if registering between August to December). For registrations between January and April, a pro-rated recital fee of $47.50 is applied to tuition. If applicable, an additional accompanist fee will be added to tuition after recital. Accompanist Fees… Beginner – $35 with 5min scheduled rehearsal prior recital; Intermediate – $60 with 10min scheduled rehearsal prior recital; and Advanced – $85 with 15-20min scheduled rehearsal prior recital. Pictures and Videos read below.

AMI Faculty

AMI is well known for it’s Award Winning Faculty! Faculty typically teach at AMI for very long period of time, and even though on average AMI teachers have long tenure positions at AMI, on occasion, a teacher will leave. If a teacher decides to leave AMI, students/parents will be given as much notice as possible of the teachers departure, at which point AMI will provide several other AMI teacher’s availability. Student/parent will then be able to choose from that list of AMI teachers to continue lessons with another amazing AMI faculty member. AMI does not guarantee any specific teacher.

Pictures & Videos

AMI occasionally uses photographs and videos of AMI students at lessons or events for website, social media and promotional purposes. Therefore, I understand and authorize AMI’s use of photographic or video recordings of AMI students for educational purposes on promotional material, internet, and social media.


Private Lessons: to withdraw from private lessons, you must cancel your account by the 25th of the month from American Music Institute in order to stop payments. Cancelling your account on or before the 25th of the month will end your lessons at the end of the following month, and any unattended lessons or lack of attending classes at AMI does not constitute a reason for not paying tuition or requesting a refund. I understand that failure to attend a weekly scheduled lesson does not constitute a lack of receiving services, and only excused absences with a week or more notice (once per 2 months) will the lesson be guaranteed by AMI in the form of a rescheduled lesson on a different day/time, and that an excused absence compensation shall not be in the form of monetary reimbursement by AMI. I understand that I cannot chargeback on my credit or debit card for any automatic payments OR any AMI Programs Tuition/Fees. Any chargeback processed will incur a $50 fee, plus a 5% fee of the amount of the chargeback charged to the AMI student account. Program tuition that has been processed for educational services rendered at AMI, and that if I do not attend lessons I will be rightfully charged until a withdrawal form is received by AMI. I further understand and agree that a change of teacher due to a teachers departure does not constitute a chargeback or refund. In the event that I should withdraw in the proper timeline outlined above and I am still charged, I understand that I have to right to contest this charge through American Music Institute and that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer. If a charge is disputed by a student/parent, triggering a chargeback, the student/parent AMI account will immediately be suspended, and lessons will be paused until the dispute is settled with the credit card company.

Group Classes: after classes start, there are no refunds for group classes and I understand that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer.

AMI Programs: there are no refunds for any  AMI Program / Classes and I understand that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer. AMI Programs… AMI Summer Music Camp, Chicago Youth Orchestra, Mini Campus, Chicago Violin Competition, etc.