Violin Lessons

American Music Institute takes great pride in providing our students with the very best music education possible. All of our faculty members have ample performance experience on their given instrument, hold either a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in Music Performance or Music Education, and are qualified, caring instructors. As a non-profit organization, our commitment to the community and our students is foremost. All AMI teachers, therapists and staff members undergo background, reference and educational verification in order to ensure a safe and positive school environment. Click here to view Violin Faculty.

Violin lessons are offered at AMI for all levels and ages of students. At AMI, we have a variety of violin teachers to fit every students individual learning requirements. Children as young as three years old may start taking violin lessons with violin teachers specifically qualified in early childhood education. Adult violin lessons are offered to students of all levels, from the beginner to the violin performance music major. Additionally, AMI offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of educationally enriching activities including recitals, competitions, General Musicianship/Music Theory Classes, and master classes throughout the year.

In addition to private violin lessons, AMI offers semi-private violins lessons and group violin classes. Semi-private violin lessons allow students to take lessons with siblings, parents, friends or other AMI students in a small group class setting of 2-4 students per lesson. Group violin classes are offered throughout the year for beginning and intermediate students, and provide a socially enriching setting for students to learn the violin.

For busy families or students that live beyond driving distance from an AMI school, American Music Institute offers in-home private violin lessons. Home violin lessons are conducted by AMI faculty members during the days or times that best fit your schedule. Students taking home violin lessons are offered the same opportunities and privileges as in-school students including participation in recitals, competitions, and other AMI-sponsored events.

We encourage students to book a trial violin lesson in order to find the right violin teacher to work with. If you would like to book a trial violin lesson, please feel free to email us at or call us at (630) 850-8505 - we look forward to hearing from you!